VGM Band

Game Music rescue at maximum.

Representing an entire generation of gamers, the band’s proposal is to prove that here in Brazil the Game Music genre is for real.


Leandro Abreu

Arrangements, Guitar, Marimba, Synthetizer, Mandolim, Piano.

Marcelo Cram


André Pastore

Bass Trombone

Roberto Ruiz


Gustavo Surniche


Leandro Skald

Flutes, Piano


Working on the rescue of high level compositions to any instrumental music-fond audience, we play reinterpretations covering games from the 80’s to the present era. Following the live acts we expect being able to deliver memories from classic games, with the proper respect and emotion they deserve.

The project began their first demo recordings in 2006, and in 2009 released the first actual work produced. In 2011 the project launched more than twenty individual songs in different interpretations, and in 2015 brought together the best in a compilation album which is available for download and streaming.


Meet our music and if you want, collaborate with the project downloading the albums 🙂

  1. Megabits Vol.2 (2015)
  2. Sonic Acoustic (2012)
  3. Lado B (2009)

Overcloked Remix is the oldest and great international game music community network, founded in 1997. Promoting remixes monthly with fan-made material and by the some gaming companies.


Beat the Woods‘ ‘Forest Interlude (Web Woods)’
Sinfonía del Sabio‘ ‘Stickerbush Symphony (Bramble Blast)’
Quirón’s Mallets‘ ‘Centaur Man Stage’
Marblelous Garden‘ ‘Marble Garden Zone: Act 1’
Copacabana Beach‘ ‘Brazilian Squad Match’
Sunken Ship‘ ‘Dire,Dire Docks’
Gambling Nights‘ ‘Casino Night Zone’


Dwelling of Duels is an online international community holding a monthly game music competition. Every competition has a pre-fixed theme, and composers from all around the world submit their work. Here are my best scores so far.

• Water Month: Super Mario 64 – Sunken Ship
• Disney Month: Duck Tales – African Mines
• Free Month: Super Spike V’Ball – Brazil Stage
• Free Month: Sonic 3 – Marble Garden Zone