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Who was never in doubt between recording a guitar with microphone or simulator that shoot the first stone.

Today the possibilities inside a studio, be it large or small, are huge. Since using a microphone in a simple cube to use various plugins. But what use? What is the best option? There is always a discussion between purists and modern. But the truth is one. We have reached a level of quality emulated as to be imperceptible in a blind test the ears of any wise about it. Do not believe? See a comparison of a real preamp and the plugin created the same brand.

Here I have two tests made in my studio using only plugins, targeting heavy sounds.

Remember that when using plugins to a recording you or your producer should have maximum notion of equalization and compression because the secret of a good plugin sound is only connected to the equalization and tone of the final mix. ” – So should I not use a microphone in the amp? ” Negative. The cool thing is always trust your producer. He will know for sure what the best alternative for your sound and get the best results and sounds. Remembering that by choosing to use a microphone in the amp, is with a good guitar, an excellent amplifier and a good recording engineer who knows ” take ” all sound from your equipment. Often pays to rent a stout amp to record because it’s all there.

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And most importantly, always look for a producer that is in harmony with the innovations and new technologies. Nothing worse than a producer with a closed mind, for he will always find that the concepts and techniques of it are timeless, and technology shows that not. Just use common sense and know how to use.