Are two clear stereotypes among individuals related to music. The professional musician, one who proposes to master a number of tools, and become able to play many styles, follow various artists; and the musician band, who are the people who are interested only by the artistic aspect, that have some resistance to the technical part, which are more interested in externalize their worldview, feelings, form of music, that is, are more connected to the music itself.
We live in a transitional phase in music. For decades we live a well-established model of the music industry, which has been transformed, among many factors, technological evolution of communication. In this new scenario, one of the impacts occurring in the transformation of markets. There is a division, the main market (mainstream, entertainment), who is the one who receives a greater inflow of foreign investments (extra artist). And the independent market ??, which includes artistic careers that do not have large foreign investors.
But the market has its difficulties. How to have a good music? How to win public? How to invest in your career? How to make sustainability?
Ai enters the producer. We need planning for music playback and even careers. Bringing technical tools, ideas, discussions and experiences to address the organizational side of the artistic career selected and summarized in order to improve your score composition and production.